Quality in All (?) That We Do

[by Kaia Roquist]

Knowing that 90% of our every-day decisions are made in the so-called “unconscious” – why is the majority of marketing aimed toward the 10% so-called “conscious”? Why do we announce communication towards the unconscious to be manipulative? Is the attempt to change behaviour through numerous logic arguments and “facts” less manipulative?

Being a Communication Strategist, my core values are integrity, respect, and value creation. Educated Ethologist and Designer I find myself sometimes communicating toward the unconscious through nudging – and sometimes to the conscious through formulated arguments or slogans. To me the method of communicating is not crucial – is it the purpose, ultimate goal and effect of my communications that matters.

Strategic communications is a powerful tool. I could not as a professional put my signature on strategic work that positions third party service providers  as shim paper between bank and customer. Rather, true financial value creations comes from elevating the competitive edge of sustainable finance institutions – as well as supporting the business development of auditing and consulting companies that aim to strengthen the change capacity and positioning of wealth creating corporations.

Change leads to innovation  – competition leads to marked development. My goal is to use strategic communication to support and guide business development for companies that explore and exploit these opportunities to move into new markets and position in unknown landscapes. Body language or spoken words – nudging or conventional marketing. The method is to me not relevant. Sustainability and value creation of the company is unconditional.

To quote a slogan used by (too) many companies – a slogan that commits on ALL levels:

“Quality in all that we do”

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